This set includes the softbox, light holders, bulbs, tripod stand and carrying bag.
-Soft Box * 2
Two 50 * 70cm / 20 * 27in soft boxes.
Ultimate soften light stream and remove shadow to make perfect shooting.
High temperature resistance, can take for a long time use.
High quality flash cloth, minimize light loss and maximize light spread.

-Five in One Light Holder * 2
Operate 5 Bulbs separately to control light strem with 2 On/Off switch buttons located on the back.
Built-in control handle to protect you from hot light body during photoshoot.
Plug: EU plug
Voltage: 100-240V

-45W Professional Day Light Bulbs * 10
Provide bright enviroment for taking product photo.
Compact and easy set up.
E27 Scoket fit most standard photo fixtures.
Low operating temperature.
Voltage: 220V
Temperature: 5500K
Light color: White

-2m / 6Ft6" Tripod Stand * 2
This light stand is constructed from aluminum alloy and has a three stage adjustable shaft and rubber feet.
Its solid locking capabilities ensure the safety of your lighting equipment when in use.?
This light stand has a maximum height of 200 cm.

-Carrying Bag
Easy for carrying all accessories.

Package size: 74 * 27 * 24cm / 29.1 * 10.6 * 9.4in
Package weight: 8kg / 17.6Lb

Package List:
2 * Soft Box
2 * Five in One Light Holder
10 * Bulbs
2 * Light Stand
1 * Carrying Bag


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